Katherine Corpe

Introducing a new drawing and painting instructor at Craft, Katherine Corpe

Having extensive teaching experience, Katherine aims to give students a sense of ease and creative freedom in the classroom. She graduated with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from IUSB. She values the traditional foundations that work as a platform when in the studio, however, much of her influence is founded in a more contemporary approach. Working with students creates a unique and engaging dialogue, allowing individuals to take away information in a positive light. She aims to dive deeply into her art, as well as life, with passion and great joy. A life filled with possibility is a life rich in color.

“As a Midwestern printmaker and drawer/painter with an MFA in Studio Art, I see the spiritual essence and magnanimity in nature in my surroundings. Born and raised in Elkhart Indiana, I have developed a relationship to my surroundings and its tie-in with my work. My art focuses on describing the tensions and vulnerability of nature’s grip represented within large animals used as the vessel. Utilizing a bull or horse in this tense, the animal acts as a single focus and weighted mass to create a visual understanding of nature’s magnanimity and power. I feel that the drawings and mark left behind exudes an ambiguity and sense of humility within the animal which as a result has the ability to create fragility.”

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